Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bespoke Polo Shirts

I recently discovered a great place to order bespoke polo shirts at a reasonable price.  The Tailor Store offers custom pique cotton polo shirts starting at $29.00 (some options, like monogramming, are a few dollars extra).  Using an online interface you are able to build a polo shirt to your specifications.  Each change you make is reflected in a graphical representation of your shirt.  The options include mens and womens shirts, twenty colors of fabric, normal or slim fit, long or short sleeve, button style, contrasting button hole thread or contrasting fabrics, and monograms.  You also provide fourteen different measurements for a perfect fit.

I recently ordered two polo shirts from the Tailor Store; one was a normal fit and one was slim fit.  Both shirts fit great, but I prefer the slim fit.  The slim fit shirt hugs my body without being skin tight.  The normal fit shirt is a little looser; however, it fits much better than any off-the-rack shirt I have ever owned.  I am very pleased with both shirts, especially considering what I got for the money. 

My only complaint would be the length of shipping time.  I received an email in early December notifying me that the shirts had been shipped.  After two weeks had passed without the shirts arriving I emailed customer support.  The response indicated that a delay in customs (the shirts were shipped from Sweden), and a delay during the holidays, were to be expected.  They could not provide a tracking number so there was no way to monitor the location of the package.  They advised to let them know if I had not received the package by mid-January.  I do not know what recourse they would have offered at that point because the shirts arrived after another week.

I will soon be ordering additional polo shirts in spring colors.  I would heartily recommend these custom polos over ones from a department store.  For about the same money you will get shirts that actually fit.  Any delay is a small price to pay.

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  1. I ordered three of these shirts based on this entry. One at a time. The first was comical. I gave exact measurements and what I recieved would not fit a normal human. E-mailed for help and was guided through the measurements step by step. What I received then was worse. It went to the trash. One more time without the custom fit. It fit but the quality was better suited to the $5.00 Polo shirts out there. Three shirts and $120.00 poorer I found another site ( that was twice the money but hundred times the quality and fit. You really do get what you pay for.