Monday, July 5, 2010

Warby Parker Review

This weekend I finally got my hands on some Warby Parker eyeglass frames.  As part of their free home try-on service, Warby Parker shipped me five frames of my choice.  I ordered the Miles (pictured), Fillmore, Zagg (in two colors) and the Langston.  They arrived second-day air packaged in a nice black box with "Warby Parker" embroidered in gray on the top.  After examining the frames, I find myself quite impressed with the styling, quality and price (only $95). 

Unfortunately I was disappointed by the fit.  I tried on the Fillmore frames first and was shocked at how narrow they were between the temples.  I found the Zagg and Miles to be equally narrow.  The Langston was better, but even the temples of that pair splayed apart slightly.  I looked back at the Warby Parker website to see if I had somewhere missed a sizing selection.  I then discovered that most of the frames are listed as "Width: Medium."  A very few, like the Langston, are listed as "Width: Wide."  I have a relatively large head (my hat size is 7 3/8), but it's not a watermelon.  Yet even the widest available frames (of which the selection is small) are too small for my face.  This is somewhat surprising to me; I had assumed that these big, chunky-styled glasses would also be proportionally larger in size.  I was mistaken.  Hopefully if Warby Parker continues to enjoy success they will decide to offer some of their great styles in a variety of sizes.

If you have narrow or slight features then I would heartily recommend a pair of Warby Parker eyeglasses.  Nowhere will you find comparable style and quality for the money.  If you have a big head like me I guess, at least for now, you will have to look elsewhere.


  1. Forget the frames for a second: where did you buy that stand? Fantastic

  2. I've had it for years. I seem to recall ordering it from a print catalog, but honestly cannot recall more with any specificity.

  3. I had the same experience - I purchased a pair and found them to be entirely too small for my head although they seem to fit all of the narrow-faced models like the chunk oversized frames I hoped the truly were! bummer!

    I'm back to good old fashioned $600 frames that I know fit and love... I also have some concern regarding the quality of the product. Worth $95 for sure but they don't compare to frame I have paid a decent amount for. They seem to lack attention to detail.

  4. Oliver Peoples has great frames. I got my frames a few years ago. Very pleased, not to mention, it's a perfect fit. It was well worth the $450.00.

  5. I use City Optix on Chestnut Street, Marina District, San Francisco, and whilst the $500 LA Eyeworks frames are a bit pricey, the service, the attention to detail and the perfect fit for my large melon head (7-5/8)and face are always there. Same chunky retro yet new with subtle colors, check them out. I also tend to sleep on my glasses and give them a lickin', yet they are all still tickin'. Michael Hartmann