Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Warby Parker Update

Back in March I discussed my plan to try on some new eyeglass frames from Warby Parker.  I received an email update yesterday stating that "the response to our new organization was far greater than we could have imagined.  We have been working as quickly as possible to craft more frames.  Several thousand new frames are finally complete and are ready to be sent out to be tried on at home.  We are just now starting to fulfill home try on orders, but the waitlist has grown so long that we won't be able to provide glasses to everyone on the waitlist within the next week or two. ... You should receive an email from us as soon as possible letting you know when you can log on and order some frames to try on at home for free."

So anyway, I'll review the frames when I get my hands on a pair.  Hopefully more on this topic later.


  1. I ordered my home try on pairs 3 months ago and still have yet to receive them. I've called Warby Parker on numerous occasions, and every time I'm promised that the glasses are going to be sent out. I hope that you have better luck with your pairs than I did with mine.

  2. Unfortunately it appears they were woefully unprepared for success.