Friday, June 4, 2010

Newsboy Cap

The newsboy cap (also known as an Apple cap or Gatsby cap) is a brimmed casual cap made of eight fabric panels that converge at a buttoned top.  As the name suggests, the caps are widely associated with newsboys of the early 20th Century.  Newsboy caps provide a stylish alternative to the ubiquitous baseball cap.

I recently purchased an excellent green linen newsboy cap from Brett Stiles at the B! Wear Cap Co. in Mariposa, CA.  I am impressed with the quality of the cap.  It is made from a coarse, open-weaved linen that makes the cap breathable and light as a feather (the B! Wear caps are available in a wide variety of fabrics including wool, leather, cashmere, and linen).  The lining is a silky blue material and the hat band is of light brown suede.  One nice feature is a wire that runs through the bill that allows you to shape it as you may desire.  I was also impressed with the reasonable price, the prompt delivery, and the friendly customer service (the cap arrived with a nice handwritten note).  B! Wear has similarly received rave reviews from members of The Fedora Lounge, an online forum dedicated to classic style. 

If you are in need of a casual hat, consider the newsboy cap.  And consider B! Wear as a good source.

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