Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fall Pocket Square from Ben Silver

Ben Silver is located on historic King Street in Charleston, South Carolina.  The Ben Silver Collection, available online and through print catalogs, is a tribute to classic style.

I recently purchased this wool and silk tapestry theme fall pocket square from Ben Silver.  The Moghul Knights Game Hunting pocket square is woven for Ben Silver by Drakes of London.  It is from the same collection as the Bird of Paradise hank that I featured in a previous post.  Both patterns were inspired by paintings from India's Moghul period.


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  2. See my post from November 5, 2009, titled "A Pre-Folded Pocket Handkerchief Lacks Sprezzatura" wherein I discuss the type of pocket squares offered by PocketSquareZ. Stick with silk, cotton, linen or wool squares that can be folded into a countless variety of shapes, some of which I have discussed in this blog.