Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ralph Lauren Odd Jacket

My biggest purchase during the long weekend in Charleston was a Ralph Lauren odd jacket that I bought at Grady-Ervin & Co. on King Street.  The jacket is a black and white herringbone tweed with four bellows pockets and brown suede elbow patches.

I'm thinking this new jacket will work well with jeans and a sweater on the weekend, or maybe even dressed up for the office with gray flannel pants, sweater and tie, and brown suede shoes. I left the jacket in Charleston for a few alterations - shortened sleeves, an inch out of the waist, and a nip from the back of the collar. It should arrive via UPS next week. I'll post some follow-up pictures once I've had a chance to accessorize.


  1. I really hope that you went to M. Dumas and Sons. They have been a principal clothier in Charleston for a very long time but I guess being a southerner, you are already aware of that. There are some very fashionable pieces in that store.

  2. I did browse the store as I often do when I make it to Charleston. They had some items from Barbour that piqued my interest, but I ended up leaving the store on this trip empty handed. I agree that they offer a wide array of lovely pieces. My only complaint with the store is the sheer volume of merchandise deeply stacked on every available surface - it can be a little overwhelming to dig through all of it.