Sunday, February 21, 2010

Details of Tom James Pants

My altered Tom James pants arrived at the office a couple of weeks ago.  I'm now getting around to providing a few detail shots.  As you may see, the trousers are partially lined.  The label sewn under the hem at the bottom of the leg is an interesting detail.

On the whole I am pleased with the fabric and construction.  I would be completely satisfied if the pants fit properly.  And arguably fit is the biggest reason for going bespoke.  I have a nice pair of off-the-rack Hiltl pants that still fit better than these Tom James pants that were supposed to be made to my exact measurements.  The alterations did not completely solve the fit issue across the front of my thighs so the pockets are still pulling slightly open.

I do not intend to contact Tom James about the fit issues.  It's been a couple of weeks since the altered pants arrived via post at my office and there have been no follow-up calls from my Tom James representative to inquire whether the alterations were successful.  I won't call becuse I'm curious to test their level of customer service;  to see if or when I am contacted about the fit and what if any remedy may be offered.

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  1. I absolutely adore your attention to detail! Though I dress a bit more casual, because of my profession, I still enjoy reading your blog. If I could afford to dress like A Southern Gentleman...I would! In defense of my tastes I do read Esquire (though it is not much of a fashion magazine).