Friday, February 26, 2010

Reader Questions: Women's Attire

What do you think of women wearing jackets with pocket squares?

I don't see anything wrong with a woman wearing a pocket square, assuming that her tailored jacket has a breast pocket in which to display it.  Imagine a winter outfit consisting of a slim-fitting tweed tailored jacket, light blue blouse, charcoal skirt, brown heels and a silk paisley pocket square.  I think that would look pretty sharp.  An alternative to the pocket square is a silk scarf around the neck.  However, I would go with one or the other; a scarf and a pocket square together might be a bit much.

Have you ever considered writing another blog called A Southern Lady?

I certainly pay attention when I see an attractive woman in beautiful clothes.  And I have female friends who love to drag me out clothes shopping because I'm not afraid to tell them when an outfit looks atrocious.  But I don't pretend to be much of an authority on women's attire.  Instead of starting another blog, I might recruit some of the sharply-dressed Southern ladies around me to author guest posts on topics of interest to my female readers.  If anyone has an idea for a topic they would like to see covered in a guest post, send me a message at the blog email address listed in the sidebar, or post a comment below.


  1. I have a few suggested topics for you, somethings that I have always heard conflicting rules on.
    1. What is your take on panty hose? I was taught to always wear them, but it seems to be common practice for the modern working woman to go without them.
    2. Speaking of panty hose, what do you think of the new trend of wearing fishnets in a professional atmosphere? I visted an attorney the other day and she was wearing black fishnets with her tailored suit.
    3. Should a woman's pocketbook match her outfit? Many women have several pocketbooks that they rotate between. This constant changing can grow tiresome, though.

  2. I have recruited three stylish belles to contribute guest posts on women's style so stay posted for their upcoming submissions. They will be profiling some of their favorite online resources and addressing stylistic rules like the ones you have raised in your comment. Thank you for suggesting some topics for them to cover; I have forwarded your ideas to them.

  3. What about accessories? What kind of jewelry is appropriate? Also, are tatoos stylish or is that taboo?

  4. I've always heard that a woman should not wear sleeveless blouses or dresses, unless she wears something, such as a cardigan, over the outfit. However, the First Lady goes sans sleeves quite a bit. What settings would this be appropriate or inappropriate in?

  5. Please address the ever disturbing trend of young (and a few older) ladies wearing their thong underwear where it will show above their pants. It appears to be an ever growing trend, seemingly emerging as this generation's tramp stamp.