Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The American Idol Pocket Square Incident

Last night on American Idol Crystal Bowersox became emotional while singing a lovely version of "People Get Ready."  During the post-song interview she attempted to pluck the handkerchief from Ryan Seacrest's breast pocket, but quickly discovered that the pocket square would not budge.  Seacrest then said, "actually I think it's taped," while physically jerking the immobilized hank from his pocket.  Bowersox then used the dislodged pocket square to dab the tears from her eyes.

Two comments.  Don't tape your pocket square into your breast pocket.  Just don't.  And a properly prepared gentleman will have two handkerchiefs; one goes in his breast pocket for display, and the other in his back pocket for a delicate lady's tears.  Or as the old adage goes, "one for showin' and one for blowin'."

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