Saturday, April 10, 2010

Stylish Television: Mad Men

I know I am way behind on the times, but on the recommendation of a friend I just finished watching the first episode of Mad Men.  For the uninitiated, Mad Men is an award-winning AMC television series about a fictional 1960s New York City advertising agency.  The show completed its third season this past November.

After watching the first episode, I am in stylistic sensory overload!  Not only are the props and attitudes (think gender bias and workplace smoking) historically accurate, but the clothes are amazing.  In just the first episode I spotted three-piece suits, pinned collars, white linen pocket squares, cufflinks, fountain pens, fedoras, tie bars, an office drawer full of folded white dress shirts, and a great slim-cut single-breasted tan rain coat.  Oh that we should all aspire to dress like mad men!  I'm hooked!

I wonder if I could get away with having a crystal decanter of rye whiskey on the credenza in my office ......

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