Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Classic Jacket

I have written several times about my appreciation for hunting-inspired clothing.  One such item, the Barbour waxed-cotton jacket, is one of the classiest pieces of outerwear that one may own.  J. Barbour & Sons was founded by John Barbour in England in 1894.  Their classic jacket is woven from long-pile Egyptian cotton that is then impregnated with a weatherproof coating of wax.  Over time this wax cracks and sheds to provide an appealing careworn apperance.  The substantial zipper has large brass teeth and a strudy ring pull.  The roomy pockets provide plenty of space for life's necessities.  The collar is hard-wearing corduroy.

Bernhard Roetzel wrote, in Gentleman: A Timeless Fashion, that the Barbour jacket "protects you from bad weather, but also protects you from being improperly dressed.  ...  The Barbour is neither excessively costly nor especially difficult to get ahold of.  But it conveys taste, a sense of style, and an attachment to tradition - particularly if it is old and extensively patched."

You may notice that three Coats of Arms appear on the Barbour label. They represent the Royal Warrants of Queen Elizabeth II, HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, and Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. Their prescence on the label means that Barbour has been given the prestigous honor of being appointed to supply these members of the British Royal Family.
The jacket is great paired with jeans and a sweater in town on the weekend.  It is equally at home in the country.  My Barbour jacket has kept me warm and dry on many occassions of inclement weather in the field.

Consider investing in a Barbour jacket.  It may well be the last jacket you ever have to buy.

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