Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jiffy Steamer

My days of trying (and failing) to relax wrinkles with a steaming hot shower are over.  For Christmas I received the pictured Jiffy personal garment steamer.  Steaming is the gentlest method for removing wrinkles from fabric.  Ironing crushes and scorches the fibers of fabric; steam relaxes the fibers and causes the wrinkles to release.

Jiffy is the world's oldest manufacturer of garment steamers, having made them in United States since 1940.  I received model J-2000M, the model recommended for home use.  It is built like a Sherman tank with heavy brass, wood and steel.  To use you simply fill the water reservoir with clear water and flip on the switch.  Within two or three minutes a steady stream of steam is gushing from the metal steam head.  To steam a hanging garment you lightly touch the fabric with the steam head and the wrinkles instantly vanish.  I have successfully tested the steamer on wool sweaters, cotton dress shirts and tailored suits.  In each case the steam quickly and gently freshened those garments.  I would highly recommend a Jiffy steamer.

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