Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hidden Gems at Brooks Brothers Factory Outlet

I hit the Brooks Brothers Factory Outlet over the weekend to see if I could pick up any good post-Christmas deals.  On Saturday everything in the store was forty percent off.  Before noon they took an additional ten percent.  And I had a AAA coupon worth another ten percent.

When I go to the Brooks Brothers Factory Outlet, I am on the lookout for retail store clothing that has been moved to the outlet store.  Factory outlet stores used to stock overruns and seconds from their retail stores.  These days most of the factory outlet stores handle their own line of clothing that is of inferior quality and workmanship.  You may notice that most of the clothing at the Brooks Brothers Factory Outlet is from the "346" line (a reference to their flagship store at 346 Madison Avenue) that is of lower quality than items from the Brooks Brothers retail stores.  However, if you are careful to check the labels it is possible to find a random jacket, sweater or tie from the retail store.

I found about eight retail store ties mixed in with the wide selection of "346" ties.  In a side-by-side comparison the difference in quality of fabric and construction is wildly apparent.  I selected the two ties pictured above.  They are seventy percent cashmere and thirty percent silk.  They are identical except for color; one is navy and the other is light blue.  The ties were originally priced at $125, but were marked down in the outlet store to $59.50.  With the sale and coupon I paid about $29 each.

There are hidden gems to be found at the outlet stores if you know what you are looking for.

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