Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Presidential Fold

There is anecdotal evidence that the Presidential fold of a pocket square got its name around the time that President Harry S. Truman was in office.  The sober Presidential fold (also known as the flat fold) is quite similar to the TV fold in that both reveal a straight narrow strip of fabric above the breast pocket.  While the end results are similar, the execution differs.  As I explained in my last post, the TV fold is done on the diagonal.  In contrast, the Presidential fold is done on the square. 

To execute the Presidential fold simply fold the square into quarters.  Make sure that the hand-rolled edges are at the top and right.  Depending on the size of the hank, it may be necessary to fold the left edge under to make the handkerchief narrow enough to fit into your breast pocket.  Fold the bottom up an appropriate amount to accomodate the depth of the pocket.  Finally, arrange the folded pocket square in your breast pocket so that a straight narrow strip of fabric is revealed.

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