Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bill Cosby's Sweater

A color blind co-worker came to work one day wearing an awful multi-colored sweater.  In passing I said, "Man, did you beat up Bill Cosby and steal his sweater??"  He tells me that I was not the only one who commented that day on the sweater.

A couple of days later I found a gift bag on my desk.  It contained an awful multi-colored sweater and a box of Jell-O instant pudding.  Being a good sport, my co-worker had left as a joke the ugly sweater along with a Cosby reference.  The funniest part of the joke was unintended on his part.  The sweater in the bag was not the same sweater he was wearing on the day I made the comment.  Apparently he had at least two equally horrific sweaters and was unable to distinguish between the two.  He assures me that the other offender was properly discarded by a significant other.

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