Monday, October 19, 2009

Shell Cordovan Jump Boots

I recently pre-ordered a pair of Alden shell cordovan boots offered exclusively by Leather Soul in Hawaii.  The boots are modeled after WWII U.S. Army parachutist jump boots.  Because of their somewhat casual styling, I think they will go great with dark jeans or grey flannels on cold, rainy days.

This is the first time I have dealt with Leather Soul so I am unable at this point to recommend or comment on their service.  The boots are not due until March so I will wait until then to comment.

I do own several pair of Alden shoes and would recommend them highly.  The Alden Shoe Company was founded in 1884 in Middleborough, Massachusetts.  Their shoes are constructed with Goodyear welts that provide a strong attach point for repeated replacement of the sole.  With proper care their shoes may last a lifetime.  Their construction also provides superior comfort for a dress shoe; in a pair of Alden shoes I spend all day on my feet in a courtroom without discomfort. 

Alden's shell cordovan shoes are constructed from genuine Horween shell cordovan.  Shell cordovan is leather made from the fibrous flat muscle beneath the hide on the rump of a horse.  Each horse provides two shells, or circular sheets of leather.  A labor-intensive six month tanning process produces a smooth, pliable and extremely durable leather that is used almost exclusively in the manufacture of shoes.  Because of this handiwork, shell cordovan comes at a premium; however, in my humble opinion, it is worth the investment.

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