Monday, October 19, 2009

Introduction and Mission Statement

It seems appropriate for my first post to contain a short introduction of myself, and an explantion of what I envision to be the purpose of this blog.  I am a small-town Southern lawyer on the downhill slide to forty.  Given my profession, I have the opportunity and privelege to dress more formally than most Americans; even amongst my professionally-dressed co-workers I am known as a bit of a dandy.  Recently I have sworn off Shrimp & Grits and other Southern gastronomic delights, gotten my lazy carcass off the couch and dropped enough weight that my wardrobe is beyond salvage.  At the moment I am in an awkward in-between stage.  The clothes in my current wardrobe are too large, but I have yet to reach my target weight so I am not ready to start building a replacement wardrobe.  However, in the coming months I will be emptying my closet and starting from scratch.  Hence this new blog.  My intention is to bring you, the reader, along on this journey.  Along the way I will focus mainly on classic men's style (not fashion).  I enjoy hunting so there may also be some discussion of classic outdoor clothing.  I will also sprinkle in some Southern flavor in the form of food, drink and language.  I hope you will join me as I start this process.

A Southern Gentleman

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