Saturday, October 24, 2009

Marcoliani Socks from Kabbaz Kelly

I received a package in the mail yesterday from Kabbaz Kelly.  I was frankly shocked to discover its arrival because I had placed my order only two days earlier.  The package contained six pair of Marcoliani over-the-calf Merino wool socks (Kabbaz Kelly gives a discount on the purchase of six or more pair).

This was my first experience with Kabbaz Kelly.  I was thouroughly impressed.  Not only was the delivery time quicker than expected, but the packaging was also attractive.  The socks, bound with a burgundy ribbon, were packaged in a ziplock bag with a cedar ball.  The ziplock bag was then encased in gold tissue paper.  A complimentary tape measure was included in the box.  None of those little touches were necessary, but it added to the experience.  Kudos to Kabbaz Kelly.

I have not had the opportunity to wear a pair of the socks.  I will share my impressions of them in a future post.

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